Using a Modular Broker? What are the Benefits

First, what is a modular broker?  They are professional Companies or people who dedicate their time sourcing, securing and selling both new and used modulars. These professionals usually have many years experience in the field and most importantly, have an extensive base of suppliers, industry contacts  and manufacturers who either have inventory to sell or can produce specific units as requested.Brokers also understand the market and follow trends in the industry to forecast for their clients what is in demand and will be in the future. Based on how much experience they have, brokers can also be used to evaluate modulars as well as give a unbiased assessment as to price and condition. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on what is in demand at the time as well as what is available. (supply)

We are asked on a regular basis to assist our clients ‘broker’ or sell their used modulars. In the initial conversation, clients sometimes will as…

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