How does This Work?

The Benefits to having workforce accommodations in close proximity to your remote Oil, Gas, or Construction site are obvious. Turnkey modular man camps provide the employer the comfort that your workforce is close to the job site and well taken care of and fed. Modular camps come in a variety of configurations and designs that can meet your budget. requirements. is a dedicated website to list, sell. lease or buy Turn-Key Modular Camp Assets in North America

Assessment and valuation. If you are unsure what your modular units are worth in today’s market, we can help with an unbiased assessment from our over 15 years of industry experience. A unit priced correctly will ultimately get more attention and a faster sale.

Modular Man Camps has a sales service available. If you would like us to sell your units for you, discreetly through our extensive network, we can work out a flat rate percentage of sale for our services. Email us for more information.

We have a vast network of Modular Manufacturers as well as workforce camp providers who may not necessarily promote their used product, but make it available to our users. We will make you aware of modulars that may be available outside of listed products here.

Our Team will also source modulars for you. We can also assist you in selling your fleet or individual units through this site or privately. Contact us for more details. Negotiation and brokering deals are our specialty.

If you need help with listing on this site, just ask and we will be pleased to help.